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Jenny Hamilton

Web Developer

Jenny has been working as a web developer for over 3 years, after graduating from the University of Glasgow with a masters in nanotechnology. Her day to day job usually involves lots of coding! Whether it’s building new sites, updating older ones or fixing things that have stopped working.

In her free time Jenny likes to surf and climb as much as she can, as well as go for long walks by the sea looking for sea glass. She’s also a keen traveller, having recently taken a career break to travel in New Zealand, Australia, Bali and Fiji.

Tea or coffee?

Tea all the way

Your dream holiday destination?

There are too many to choose from! Morocco, the Azores, Samoa, Vietnam, and I’d love to go back to Indonesia.

Favourite TV show?

At the moment, The Umbrella Academy

City or countryside?

Definitely the countryside.

What is your number one party trick?

Climbing round a table. You start on top of it and then climb round the whole thing without touching the ground.