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Thomas DeVile

Digital Content Writer and SEO Executive

In studying Creative Writing at Edinburgh Napier university and Psychology at Newcastle University, Tom has travelled all over the country. He recently found his home at Media Street in 2021, where he's working to create knockout writing content for blogs, social media, and everything in between.

Cats or dogs?

It's a controversial statement in a dog-populated office, but I've always been a cat person.

What's your favourite game or activity?

I'm a board game fan, but which one varies greatly with the group I'm with. With dedicated friends? A six hour game of Twilight Imperium. Christmas with mum and dad? Maybe we'll stick to scrabble.

What's your go to joke?

It's a knock knock joke, but you have start me off.

"Knock knock"

Who's there?

What's your favourite film?

Being John Malkovich.

What's one weird thing you've done?

I was featured on a local news segment in a small village in Paraguay.

What's your favourite book?

Blood Meridian. It's not for the faint hearted, but it's beautifully written.