How To Use Twitter Effectively

May 15th, 2013
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Twitter is one of the best social media marketing tools small and big businesses can use today. However, to guarantee that your business will actually reap satisfying results in terms of followers, leads, and sales, it is crucial to know how to use Twitter effectively.

Twitter Profile Design and Copy

  • Upload a background theme that reflects your business’ niche. Opt for a clean and sleek design using colours that matches your logo and core message.
  • Use your business logo for your profile photo to increase brand awareness.
  • Upload a header image that illustrates what your business is about. Make sure it follows the recommended dimensions of 1252×626 pixels and is smaller than 5MB in file size.
  • Use your business name as your profile name.
  • If your business name is too long, opt to create a shorter and more appealing version of it for your username.
  • Your Twitter bio should highlight what your business is about as well as share what makes your products or services stand out. Make your copy short but straight to the point, simple but catchy.
  • If you have a separate website or blog for your business, do not forget to add it to your profile.

Twitter Posts

  • A single tweet must only be 140 characters or less, so make sure your posts are concise but thought-provoking.
  • Add images and links to your tweets to diversify your posts’ content.
  • With Vine, you can now share short, looped videos. Take advantage of this fact, and create entertaining videos to attract more followers and leads.
  • “Out of sight, out of mind.” Do not let your followers forget you; make sure to post at least once a day.
  • Following news and trends on your niche is vital. Why? Because they can help you produce tweets that have the potential to get retweeted thousands of times.

Twitter Follower Base

  • When starting to grow your follower base, begin by inviting people you already know. These people may be family, friends, colleagues, employees, or previous clients. Offer the invitation personally, via phone call, or through email.
  • If customers are satisfied with the results you bring, persuade them to follow you and share your Twitter page with people they know.
  • Always engage your followers. Ask them for opinion, retweet some of their posts, answer their questions, and converse with them about everyday events. Doing so will help you grow your follower base naturally and ensure that your followers will always be interested and loyal to your brand.

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If you use Joomla! however we would recommend you try Media Tweet – it’s a tool that allows you to manage your Twitter account on your website (check out a demo here). I also wrote an article about it in April called Joomla Twitter Management.

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