Emails with Media Street

Set up a email account

Your emails can be loaded onto your device or through your email client either with a POP3 or IMAP connection.

By using IMAP, you can have multiple clients simultaneously connected to the same mailbox. For example, you can have email on your phone, your tablet, and your computer, and when you delete a message from your phone, it will also be deleted on your other devices. This is why we recommend all customers to use IMAP, because of this syncing facility. POP3 on the other hand doesn’t cross sync, so if you access emails across multiple devices they won’t all match.

Your device or program should have detailed information on how to add and set up mailboxes onto the system, but there are general pieces of information you need to complete the process.

When selecting the account type, select IMAP.

  • Username: Your full email address.
  • Password: Your password provide to you by Media Street staff. Can also be managed within your hosting/cPanel account.
  • Incoming Server: (replace “” so is your company website)
  • Outgoing Server: (replace “” so is your company website)

In the Advanced Features for Outgoing Mail Server, there may be some additional settings that need changing. Please make certain that:

  • You are using the default ports (25, 465, 587)
  • You are not using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
  • You are using Password for Authentication

Accessing Emails via a Browser

You can always acces emails via your browser. Our email systems can be access on Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox and many other browsers. To access your emails via a browser try:

  • Exchange Customers:
  • Shared Hosting Customers:
  • Hybrid Hosting Customers:


My emails aren’t working
Check that you can access your emails using the browser links above, if you can, then your configuration must be incorrect in your email client. If you can’t access emails on via a browser than it’s likely, for security reasons, you’ve been blocked from our server. To get unblocked find out your IP and email it to us at or call us on 01392 914033.

Additional Resources/Links

Please find below a number of articles/tutorials we’ve published for our customers: