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PPC | Pay Per Click | Paid Search Advertising

Using PPC (or Pay Per Click) paid searches for your website is one of the most profitable advertising and marketing channels. Its one of the fastest routes to getting noticed because the results are almost instant, unlike SEO which takes time for results to develop. PPC allows you to advertise through image, video and text and on other people’s websites – this makes it easier to measure your results and manage budgets to drive your traffic exactly where you need it. Essentially it’s a way of buying visits to your site, but it doesn’t just stop there. With keyword targeting, we can look at almost any stage of the buying cycle to positively ensure that every penny you spend on PPC is in the most influential and cost-effective way for your business. Get in touch to talk to our Bristol PPC agency or our PPC Exeter team about the best-paid strategy for your business.

Yielding a high ROI

A high return on investment is an attractive prospect to any business owner and PPC is proven to help you do just that. ROI from AdWords can give up to five times more than other online and marketing channels, with proven results of up to a 36% revenue increase. Pay Per Click will give you a reliable flow of traffic for a predicable amount of money, so you know that your investments are going to be worth it.

Instant targeted traffic

We frequently recommend PPC for new websites and start-up businesses. While SEO has long-term benefits and gives lasting authority for your site’s future value, those results can often take months or years, whereas pay per click campaigns receive immediate traffic. The targeted nature of the Pay Per Click strategy can help to generate sales and spike significant interest within weeks of launching your site or product.

Helping you streamline your business

As soon as you have traffic, you can start to pinpoint what your site is doing well and where you either need to put more work in, or disregard completely. Used strategically, PPC can work alongside your SEO strategy to make your business run smother. By suggesting keywords we think you should target, its much easier to test their traffic generation through a Pay Per Click tool than wait for SEO results come in. This gives us solid research to work from to ensure your business is running effectively.

An integral part of online marketing

When we’re writing an online marketing or business development plan, we always ask ourselves if PPC can help. It offers quick results and easy options that aren’t as readily available from any other method of online marketing. Our expertise and experience in this area allows us to create PPC campaigns that will compliment and work hand-in-hand with your SEO strategy. When it comes to online marketing, Pay Perk Click is a viable option for all businesses.