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When hashtags go wrong

When hashtags go wrong, do they really go right?

When organisers of Ulverston Dickensian Festival in Cumbria wanted to promote their Victorian-style festival to the general public, they took to Twitter with haste.…

worth taking your business into the social media

Why it’s worth taking your business into the social media marketing jungle

So, you have a great website design and your search engine optimisation campaign is spot on. Job done, right? Well, not exactly. Because even…

Creating a Twitter Account

Are you one of the 304 million monthly active users already on Twitter? If not, and you’ve been itching to join millions of other…

How social media can increase your sales figures

In internet marketing circles, the 21st century has been all about social media and an increasing number of businesses have taken to the variety…

Social Media Cover Image

Social Media Cover Images

Last week I designed some Media Street cover and profile images for some of the more popular social networking websites and thought I would…

How to Market your Business in 140 Characters

We’ve all seen it – the 6 O’Clock news begins with the usual solemnity, but between the serious political battles and war footage one…

How to Update to the New Twitter Profile

How to Update to the New Twitter Profile 2014

The search for the perfect looking and functioning personal profile goes on in the Twitter camp. Welcome to Your New Home Page! Is something…

How To Use Twitter Effectively

How To Use Twitter Effectively

Twitter is one of the best social media marketing tools small and big businesses can use today. However, to guarantee that your business will…

Twitter Analytics Tool

If your a business owner who uses Twitter to market your companies products or services, communicate with your existing or potential customers or just…

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