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Adam Gorner

Website and Marketing Assistant

Adam is a keen learner for anything IT based, since studying Information and Creative Technology at Exeter College, Adam put what he had learned as the Marketing & SEO Assistant. Adam is a passionate comic reader, artist and in his spare time likes to go to the gym or watch Action TV shows on Amazon TV.

Your dream holiday destination?

I’d love to travel to San Francisco and stop off at the Google headquarters on the way.

It’s movie night, what are you watching?

It would most probably be Laurel & Hardy. You could also find me watching any action movies with great action scenes such as Jon Wick and Ip Man.

Cats or dogs?

I would love to have a dog in the future. My dream dogs would be an Alaskan Malamute or a Staffie.

Tea or coffee?

I'm not a big fan of Coffee so it would definitely have to be Tea.