An iconic logo can communicate an entire company ethic to a customer in the blink of an eye.

We can help you create a distinctive visual identity to set you a step above market competitors and mirror your business’ dynamic identity.

Why Media Street?

Media Street has been creating original company logo designs for many years, so we can offer you the highest quality of logo design for your business. Our Head of Graphic Design, Barry Muir, has extensive experience in the industry to create original designs for your company’s stand-out logo. We have a passion for innovation and can offer unrivaled imagination and execution in creating logo designs that will invigorate your company image.

If you seek outstanding logo designs in Exeter or beyond, look no further.

The Process

We will first ask you to fill in a guidelines form to tell us about your visions, and you are welcome to come in to our Exeter office to develop ideas. Initially, we’ll send you about five initial ideas and then work with you to refine the design until it is perfect. After this, our turnover is quick, you will receive your logo in high definition 300dpi in EPS, JPEG and PDF formats with full copyright within a month.

Contact us by using our contact form or either of the following.

Support Services

Throughout the creation process we will consult with you to offer support and ensure you get the exact results you desire. Our tried-and-tested ticketing system will provide efficient management, making for a quick turn-around and allowing you to see your designs as they come to life.