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VoIP Phone Systems

Operate your business communication over the cloud

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Free your company from traditional communication systems of the past and harness the latest communication technology with Media Street. If your business is looking to modernise their office communications then Media Street has the solution, by offering professional services without any long term commitments. 

Whether it’s IP desk phones, local or national telephone numbers or the complete package – we can help. Our range of VoIP (Voice over IP) services power companies across the UK and we use the best suppliers and systems to provide you with a leading enterprise service. Get set up in seconds without the need for engineers, phone line installation or complicated tech know-how.

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VoIP Phones

Needing phones in your office for multiple staff? Want to be able to transfer calls easily? Want to offer your callers the option of pressing 1 for sales department or 2 for technical support? Media Street can offer all of this and more and without long term (yearly) contracts. Get set up instantly, purchase any VoIP phone (through ourselves or use your own VoIP compatable handsets) and you are ready to go.

Don’t want to have desk phones and want to save further costs? Not a problem! You can access your phone system via our App as well. With a cloud based phone system you have ultimate flexibility, the best possible system and no high costs unlike traditional company communication systems.

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Telephone Numbers

Whether you want a local number or a national number just let us know and we can search our directory and add it to your account instantly. Alternatively, if you want to transfer your existing landline number we can ‘port’ it over to our system.

Telephone numbers can then be linked with your phone system (physical handsets) or, for smaller organisations, you may wish to just forward on phone traffic to your to your mobile. This allows you to keep your mobile number private whilst offering your customers an established local number or national landline number that other companies in your industry have.

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Our Phone Number Options

UK (+44) Number

£3.49per month
  • 200+ local extensions

Spain (+34) Number

£8.99per month
  • 200+ number variations

France (+33) Number

£8.99per month
  • 200+ number variations

German (+49) Number

£8.99per month
  • 200+ number variations

Italy (+39) Number

£8.99per month
  • 200+ number variations

Ireland (+353) Number

£8.99per month
  • 200+ number variations

Canada (+1) Number

£8.99per month
  • 200+ number variations

USA (+1) Number

£8.99per month
  • 200+ number variations
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Our Phone User Options

Standard VoIP Users

PAYG (Pay As You Go)

£3.99per month
  • 0 Free (UK Mobile & landline) call minutes
  • Call forwarding, routing, screening, and blocking
  • Calls to landlines cost 2p per min and mobiles 5p per min.

Lite User

£5.99per month
  • 100 Free (UK Mobile & landline) call minutes
  • Call forwarding, routing, screening, and blocking.
  • Additional calls to landlines cost 2p per min and mobiles 5p per min.

Standard User

£14.99per month
  • 750 Free (UK Mobile & landline) call minutes
  • Call forwarding, routing, screening, Monitoring, and blocking
  • Additional calls to landlines cost 2p per min and mobiles 5p per min.

Pro User

£20.99per month
  • Unlimited Free (Mobile & landline + 50+ countries) call minutes
  • Call forwarding, routing, screening, Queuing, Reporting, Recording, Monitoring, and blocking
  • Cloud Storage Sync, Text-to-Speech, CRM Integration, Phone Book, Wallboard Statistics, and Video Calls
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Professional telephone systems for businesses

Cutting edge cloud VoIP phone systems

Whether you are running a large or small business our range of phone systems are the perfect solution. Create an amazing caller experience for your customers quickly and easily without ruffling your finance departments feathers! With no installation needed or physical hardware required, our systems put you in the driving seat and offer full flexibility. All you need is an internet connection or a mobile device that has internet capabilities. If you have that then you are all set. For small businesses you might just require a phone number and, with that, all calls can be forwarded to your mobile. On the other hand larger companies may require phones, call packages and telephone numbers. Whatever bracket your business falls into, we can help.

The great advantage of VoIP systems are that you can scale easily without needing to upgrade your system. Similary, you can cut back without being tied into a long term contract. For example, if you have a work experience student working for three months this year – not a problem, upgrade and add them to the system instantly and just pay for the three months and then take them off your phone package. No wasted spend is needed. Equally, if you’re looking to move offices, not a problem – your phone system can move with you – without needing engineers or any technical knowledge or additional set-up costs.

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Phone System

  • Call Recording
  • Hold Music
  • Voicemail
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Call Encryption
  • User Extension Management
  • Hardware Provisioning
  • Roles & Permissions

Call Handling

  • Call Forwarding & Routing
  • Time of Day Routing
  • Call Ques
  • Call Screnning and Blocking
  • Dial by Extensions
  • Staff Availability Indication
  • Call Logs
  • Missed Call Alerts


  • Works with VoIP Phones
  • iOS, Android Apps
  • Windows, Mac & Linux Apps
  • Fax to Email
  • Browser Based Phones
  • Web Hooks
  • API Available

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Robert Frize
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Voip Phones FAQs

Can I manage my VOIP system myself?

Absolutely, you can be as involved as you would like. We always allow you to have access to our client platform, here you can adjust your settings, set up call routes, voicemail systems, manage your account and more. Of course we are always happy to help you with any changes you are making, or we are also equally happy to take care of it for you.

Can I call abroad and how much do calls cost?

We offer multiple packages and can tailor packages suitable for your business and your unique needs. Generally speaking our customers fall into 3 categories. Pay-as-you-go, where you pay only for the calls made (i.e £0.02 a minute to UK landlines and £0.05 a minute to mobiles). A set package, where you get i.e 500 minutes per month. Then our “unlimited” packages where you have i.e unlimited minutes to UK landlines and mobiles and this can also be upgraded to include unlimited calls to over 54 other countries.

Do you offer International Telephone Numbers?

Yes, we provide local area telephone numbers for the UK and we also offer some internation telephone numbers. At the moment we cover United States, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy and Spain.

What Local Telephone Numbers Do you Offer?

If you are not transferring an existing telephone to us then you can purchase one through Media Street. We offer most local telephone numbers including Exeter (01392), London (020), Birmingham (0121) and more! In total we offer over 500 types. So whether you need a number for Land’s End (01736) or John o’ Groats (01955) we can help.

Is there a way I can join calls within my organisation?

Absolutely, you can use the client platform to manage your calls. Within this you can set up the option to listen, whisper or join calls.

For using the listen, whisper and join options for your phones use the below instructions:

  • Listen: *30 (to hear the call, the person on the line will not know you are listening in)
  • Whisper*31 (to hear the call, and be able to speak to your team member, the person on the line will not know you are listening or talking)
  • Join *32 (to join the call, eg as a conference call)

For each function you will need to dial relevant code and then enter the extension for the phone you are looking to connect with.

Please call email [email protected] if you have any questions with regards to this.


Do I need a physical landline?

No, you don’t actually need to purchase a physical phone. With cloud based systems you have the option to forward all calls directly to your mobile. You can also use our desktop or phone app to be able make and receive calls.

Can I transfer my existing phone number to you?

Yes – it is simple to transfer your existing number to us and we can transfer most UK landline numbers begining with 01 and 02. In order to transfer your existing telephone number we will require some documentation from you – such as proof of addresses, identity and ownership. Once the number is transferred to our system/ported over you can control it via our control panel.

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