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At Media Street, we understand the significance of having access to your META (formerly Facebook) business account. It serves as the foundation for effective social media marketing and paid social advertising campaigns. However, we recognise that not all clients have immediate access to their business manager account when they come on board with us. That’s where our dedicated team steps in, guiding you through the process of gaining access, filing the necessary documentation, and setting the stage for your marketing success.

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When you partner with us, we prioritise your success and aim to provide a seamless experience throughout the process of gaining access to your META business account. Our team of social media experts understands the ins and outs of navigating the complexities of Facebook’s business manager system. We take pride in our ability to streamline the access request process, ensuring that you gain the necessary permissions in a timely manner.

Gaining access to your META business account is just the beginning of our collaborative journey. Once access is secured, we dive into developing a comprehensive marketing strategy tailored specifically to your business goals. Our team harnesses the power of social media posting and paid social advertising to elevate your brand presence, engage with your target audience, and drive tangible results.


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Navigating the Access Journey

Upon onboarding as our client, we recognise that the initial steps of gaining access to your META business account can be daunting. But worry not, as our experienced team is well-versed in handling such situations for clients across a range of industries and company sizes. We begin by thoroughly assessing your current account status, identifying any existing roadblocks, and strategising the best approach to obtain access.

Our team takes care of the paperwork and documentation required by Facebook to grant access to your business manager account. We work diligently to ensure that all the necessary information is correctly provided, minimising delays and maximising efficiency. Our in-depth understanding of Facebook’s policies and guidelines allows us to navigate the documentation process smoothly, saving you time and effort.

Please note: We provide assistance in gaining access to your META (formerly Facebook) business account. It is important to note at this stage that the process of gaining access may vary from case to case and is subject to the feedback received from Facebook. We strive to expedite the process as much as possible; however, please be aware that it can take up to two months or more to obtain access and we will need to charge our hourly fee of £50 + VAT for any work completed.

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Our team of experienced social media experts is dedicated to understanding your unique business needs, goals, and target audience. We collaborate closely with you to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy that aligns with your objectives. From crafting engaging social media posts to running targeted advertising campaigns, we have the expertise to elevate your brand’s online presence and create meaningful connections with your audience.

Don’t let the lack of access to your META business account hinder your marketing efforts. Partner with Media Street and let our dedicated team guide you through the process of gaining access, filing the necessary documentation with Facebook, and setting the stage for your marketing success. Unlock the full potential of your META business account and take your digital marketing efforts to new heights with our expert support.

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What our Marketing Clients Say

Fantastic service from a great team at Media Street. Everything you could want from web design, technical web services and site building and SEO with great results. A breath of fresh air compared with previous companies I have dealt with.
Graham Cary
Media Street are fantastic to work with. They've brought a professional & effective marketing approach to our business, which has helped us to grow efficiently & productively. The team are friendly, understanding & know their business in depth. I would highly recommended them (apart from to our competitors of course!!) :-)
Stuart Hunt
We have used Media Street for many projects over the last 6 years and always find them a really great bunch of people to work with. A very good service.
Becky Street
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