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Google Adwords is a fantastic source of revenue if you are looking for fast and reliable results from your digital advertising. Whether you have a new or an established website, Adwords, alongside Bing Advertising, Media Street can set-up and manage your campaign, whether that be for search, shopping, display or video. With a data-led strategy, we can help pin-point your target audience to increase the authenticity of your conversions. Read on to find out more.

It can complement your current digital strategy, especially if you are focusing all of your efforts into SEO, content creation and social media advertising. If you already have a campaign set-up however and looking to refresh your campaigns, then we will analyse your historic data and see what has worked and what hasn’t.

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Google Partnership

Media Street gained Google Partnership status in 2007, which means a whole load of benefits for us as a business, but more importantly, you as a client. Every month we receive discounts for new clients, whether that be a certain amount off in your second month of advertising or matching your advertising budget after your first month.

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Tailored Campaigns To Your Business

There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach when it comes to paid advertising with Media Street. We carefully analyse your business audience and work with you to make sure our approach is as targeted and company specific as possible. If you choose to run other services such as SEO and content creation with us, we will utilise the data from these and perfect the Adwords strategy from all sources.

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Google Adwords

Increase Traffic & Sales

If you are looking for instant results and traffic to your website, Google Adwords can be a great way to do so. Unlike SEO, where it could take three plus years to see maximum results, Adwords can alleviate the wait and drive customers to view your services and products in a matter of a couple of hours. What’s more, we can target specific audiences, cities and devices (mobile, tablet, desktop) depending on your specified audience.

More importantly, as Google Partners, we have the experience of working with established businesses to boost their conversions and interactivity for over ten years. We know the ins and outs of the platform and can provide sustained performance for all clients, whatever their industry. Contact our marketing team today to discuss your next Google Adwords campaign and who will be happy to advise on the next and best steps forward.

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What our Marketing Clients Say

Fantastic service from a great team at Media Street. Everything you could want from web design, technical web services and site building and SEO with great results. A breath of fresh air compared with previous companies I have dealt with.
Graham Cary
Media Street are fantastic to work with. They've brought a professional & effective marketing approach to our business, which has helped us to grow efficiently & productively. The team are friendly, understanding & know their business in depth. I would highly recommended them (apart from to our competitors of course!!) :-)
Stuart Hunt
We have used Media Street for many projects over the last 6 years and always find them a really great bunch of people to work with. A very good service.
Becky Street
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Google Adwords FAQs

Is SEO better than paid advertising?

SEO and paid advertising are two different forms of marketing. In a ideal world they should both be run in parallel and at all times however sometimes a clients budget might prevent this. The benefit of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is long term but, equally, results can take longer to be generated. In theory, after a successful SEO campaign you can stop and it can still work for you afterwards with no investment or you can ‘stop and start’ it to maintain a position as a good campaign gets you to rank ‘naturally’.

Paid advertising however is when you pay to be somewhere, such as at the top of Google, Bing or Facebook, in this instance it is great as you can instantly drive traffic to your website. The downside of paid advertising is, once you finish, you no longer get the traffic to your website.

As a result it depends on the client as to whether paid advertising or SEO is best. Both of them increase revenue and turnover so should be done for long term success. If you need instant results though paid advertising is great as it can make a significant difference within a very short period of time. If you are looking for a long term, sustainable, strategy though your marketing resources should be spread across both marketing options.

Am I tied into a 12 month contract?

Nope! In most cases we expect (and hope!) clients to be seeing results within 3 months of us starting their campaign. Within 3 months normally the main foundation work is done and our clients start seeing a positive effect. As a result we ask for a 3 month minimum commitment for all new marketing clients. After that marketing clients are just on a montly rolling contract.

How much does Adwords cost?

This all depends on how much budget you would like to assign to a campaign each month. Speak to one of our marketing team to find out more about this.

What is meant by a Google Partner?

As a Google Partner, we are able to give our clients special offers when setting up their campaigns, as well as insightful industry information throughout the year, which benefits our clients’ strategy greatly.

How long does it take to start seeing results?

Almost instantly. Once we have created the company specific adverts and outlined the keywords we want to bid for, you should start to see traffic in the first couple of hours of starting the campaign.

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Grace Jalowiecka

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