7 Tips to Speed up WordPress Websites

July 10th, 2010

The performance of WordPress websites needs to be assessed from time to time to ensure smooth and unrestricted functioning of your website. One of the biggest problems that occur, regarding performance, is the page loading speeds increasing over time.

In order to assess the performance of the website, Google Webmaster Tools can be effective by viewing the “Site Performance” feature which suggests changes that can be made to the website.

Here are some essential tips that can prove quite beneficial in the process of speeding up WordPress.

  • Multiple plug-ins are known to reduce page load speed as every plug-in includes a different CSS file, images, HTML pages and JavaScript. Try and put on the CSS into one file and merge all the Javascript to minimise the risk.
  • The plug-in that is of no importance should instantly be deleted as these are occupying unnecessary space which can slow the speed of loading. It is therefore advisable to keep the plug-ins that are relevant and get rid of the ones that are a complete waste and of no use.
  • Instead of displaying the entire content on the home page, it would be viable to use snippets and show the posts in bits and pieces. This is primarily due to the fact that the entire content takes a considerable amount of load time which can significantly lower the speed of the WordPress. It is therefore feasible to make use of excerpts that can enhance the speed of loading tremendously.
  • The images can take lot of time in loading due to which it is highly imperative to optimise the images. Sometimes too many images are displayed on a single page that can adversely affect the load time. In order to avoid such instances, it would be appropriate to make use of low-res images that are not too heavy and can be loaded with great ease in no time. Also, try avoiding too many images on a single page.
  • An effective optimisation of the database can also be highly instrumental in improving the speed of the load time.

The process of speeding up WordPress can be undertaken without any difficulty as it is quite simple and convenient.


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