Simple Availability Manager



Booking and Availability Manager is the ideal booking and availability tool for your company. It is highly configurable and ideal for individuals/businesses which need to show availability and take bookings for rooms or properties (i.e holiday cottages, hotels, booking agents, accommodation listing websites etc.).

Booking & Availability Manager is on a special introductory price. Discounted to £39.99 from £49.99. Offer ends this month!


  • Unlimited categories
  • Unlimited properties
  • Flexible booking periods
  • One page booking form
  • Group details in booking form
  • PayPal Payments Pro integration
  • Bank transfer payment method
  • Additional products for bookings
  • Automatic hold/sold of properties
  • Security deposit feature
  • Password protected dates
  • Front end administration
  • Bookings manager
  • Dynamic email templates
  • And many more


To install Booking and Availability manager you must:

  1. Install the component as your would normally via the Joomla! Extension Manager
  2. Once installed you want to create 3 new menu items – assigning them to menu(s) of your choice. When you go to create a menu item you will now see listed the following options under a sub-title of Availability and Booking Manager: Booking View, Orders, User View and Admin View. You want to create menu items for orders, user and admin. Make sure that you restrict the access of the Orders and Admin menu items. Restrict them to “Super User”.

Once this is done you can access the component and fully control it all via the front-end of your Joomla website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a SSL when customers are on the booking page?
Yes. You can turn that feature on/off via the “Configuration” tab on the admin page.

Can I manually disable dates from being able to be booked?
Yes, to do this you just click on the relevant price/date field and enter a “-s” and then visitors won’t be able to book it.

Can I password protect a date/reservation so only someone with a password can book it?
Yes. When you’re setting the price for a date/property/room you just need to add the short code price***pass*nr of days i.e 299***fuay23*8 would password protect that reservation option and for someone to book it they’d need to use the password fuay23. The date would be on hold and password protected for 8 days in that example. After that it’d be available to everyone and no-longer password protected.

What language(s) is this component available in?
At the moment it’s only available with a EN-GB text file. If you wanted to provide translations for other languages we’d be grateful and happy to work with you, just email us at

What currencies can you charge for reservations?
The component allows for GBP, USD and EUR. It could easily take other currencies though (if required).

Is anything restricted?
No. Absolutely not! You can have unlimited calendars and unlimited properties/rooms with this component.

Does this component create a page for the property/room?
No. However each property/room listed in the calendar(s) can have a link assigned to them. Therefore you could create a article for each property/room and then just assign that URL to the property in “Booking and Availability Manager”.

What is a Security Deposit?
Some Media Street customers requested the facility to take a additional deposit for bookings. Administrators normally would refund the security deposit after the visitors stayed (if no damage to the property/room was done). If you don’t want to take a security deposit/don’t require this feature just leave the relevant field(s) blank.

What Payment Methods are Allowed/Integrated?
At the moment PayPal Payments Pro and Bank Transfers are the only two possible payment methods. If you were wanting a payment gateway integrated (i.e SagePay, PayPoint etc.) then please let us know by emailing .

Can I add products/additional items onto the Booking Page?
Yes. On the admin page, the last tab is “Booking Products”. You can use this area to add items to the Booking Page which people can then purchase then paying for their reservation. Examples of booking products could be “Newspaper”, “Breakfast”, “Dinner”, “Airport Collection/Drop Off” etc.


This component is tried and tested on Joomla 2.5.6 to 2.5.9 and it’ll work fine with any installation of Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.0.

  • Joomla 2.5
  • Joomla 3.0

Also tested (and no conflicts found) with the following components installed

  • Virtuemart
  • SH404
  • Booking and Availability Manager

Please Note

  • The files will be instantly emailed to you once you proceed through the checkout
  • All items come with 1yrs free support and updates. For support please email
  • Each purchase comes with 2 license codes - you can use one for your development enviroment and one for the live enviroment.