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Keyword Research For Business

One of the first steps of every successful SEO or SEM campaign is keyword research. Ranking for your own brand name is essential, but making sure you are appearing for the important industry terms is where the real rewards are. So how do you identify what these short tail keywords (1 – 3 words) and long tail phrases (4 + keywords) are? This is why detailed keyword research is important.

Every SEO campaign we do starts with a review of current targeted keywords and competition, whether you are just starting with SEO or have been established for many years. The fact is peoples search habits change all the time which results in new longer tail queries being made, some of which could be really valuable to your business. Without the correct keywords in place there could be a risk of you receiving no traffic at all from search engines.

The amount of new keyword phrases and general searches made on Google everyday is phenomenal – with over 3.5 billion searches made per day.

What does keyword research identify?

  • Volume of searches – how many people search for this phrase
  • Customer intent – is it likely the searcher is going to be interested in purchasing
  • Level of competition and keyword difficulty – how achievable is it going to be to rank highly for certain keywords
  • Geographic relevance – which parts of the country or world do most searchers come from
  • Seasonal Trends – which times of the year do people search using these keywords

At Media Street we use over 4 different keyword tools to identify the long and short tail keywords that are important to your business. Depending on the competition for each and your overall goals we’ll set short, medium and long term goals, that are realistic and achievable.