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SEO Audits

The Blueprint for your SEO Strategy

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Audit For Your SEO Strategy

An SEO audit is the process involved to identify both the issues that are holding you back and the opportunities to take your business forward online. This involves highlighting the changes needed to meet both Google and Bing’s search engine rules and to exceed competitors efforts.

Types of SEO Audit

  • Marketplace Audit – identifying customer personas, scenarios, key competitors and influencers
  • Technical SEO Audit – identifying site crawling, indexing and accessibility issues and opportunities
  • Search Engine Audit – identifying valuable keyword research, link profile and content marketing strategies

With all the major Google algorithm updates that have been occurring now is a good time to conduct an audit. You can benefit from an SEO audit even if you have had one in the past. There maybe some glaring opportunities that you might be missing out on, without you even knowing.