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Social Media Marketing

With a staggering 91% of adults using at least one social media or blog site regularly, social media marketing has become a crucial tool for businesses. Not only is it an essential medium when learning about your audience demographic, but it’s also an invaluable advertising tool when it comes to expanding your audience and reaching potential new customers. Your website can be at the heart of your online voice but Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and the rest will help to enhance your customers’ experience and provide a seamless journey between information and interaction. Businesses that interact with their customers on a regular basis are more approachable, can provide relevant and real-time solutions and are more appealing in the eyes of the consumer. A strategic social media plan will make communication and engagement manageable across all of the platforms suited to you. The vast amount of social media networks and the speed that they are evolving can seem daunting, but our expert team here at Media Street are on-hand to guide you through the necessary plans for success.

Higher converting rates

Social media marketing is proven to result in higher conversion rates. Brands become more ‘real’ when they are talking on social media accounts and everything you post is a chance for a reaction, click and conversion. Humans tend to follow who their friends and peers follow. Simply building your audience encourages more interest, trust and credibility.

Build valuable relationships

Recent reports from leading experts have proven that brands who engage on social media channels are rewarded with high levels of loyalty and better relationships with their customers. A strategic social media plan can be the difference between a customer returning to your site or services again, or going elsewhere to a company they have interacted with in the past and therefore trust more

Helping with SEO and links

Without social media, your inbound links and traffic are limited to people who are already familiar with your brand, or those searching for keywords that you currently rank for. But each social media profile you add is another link that leads back to your site, and every piece of content you share on these profiles is an opportunity for a new visitor. The more quality content you share, the quicker your links will build up.

Increasing brand recognition

Every opportunity you have to maximise the reach of your content and increase your visibility is valuable – nobody is going to know what you have to offer unless you tell them. Social media just gives you more opportunities for your brand’s voice and content to shine. It’s an easy, and accessible way to tell potential customers what you and your brand are all about. The more people that you engage regularly with, the stronger your brand recognition will become.