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4 Steps to Conquering Writer’s Block

11th June 2015 Web Design, Website Advice

When content writing sooner or later the inevitable writer’s block kicks in. First of all don’t fret, this doesn’t make you a bad writer, it happens to everyone, no doubt Shakespeare was even victim of the dreaded writer’s block. To overcome your brain’s ability to think of a collection of words to form a sentence, forget the solutions of going to sleep and having a cup of tea, those are only methods of distraction. Plus can you really afford to go to sleep at your desk? What would your friends, family and boss think?!

Here you’ll find the most effective steps to overcoming your writer’s block and knock out the best and most inspired piece of writing. A little tip to remember is to always be proactive, with this attitude in mind writer’s block will be a distant memory.

1. Research and Find Inspiration

There’s no harm in sourcing interesting information from the internet, no one really expects you to think of entirely innovative ideas and we all need a little push in the right direction. It’s even been said that J. K. Rowling sourced nothing but external information in order to come up with the Harry Potter Books. So let the internet inspire you and fill your head full of amazing ideas. Use popular search sites such as Quora and whenever you’re in doubt, a quick Google search is always highly effective. To get your muse back on track also try finding inspiration from quotes, this could be words from your favourite writer or something written in an article such as this one.

2. Brainstorm Every Idea

Grab a pen and write down anything that comes to mind regarding your researched and inspired ideas. These ideas will be the key to creating the content you need and take you through your project from start to finish. Try and brainstorm as many as 20 different words or ideas but of course, the more the better, just don’t let it interfere with your valuable writing time.

3. Create a Structure to Follow

Noting down a routine to follow, like your own writer’s rulebook, will be extremely effective to get the ball rolling. You can structure this chronologically like a template, start with the introduction, the individual paragraphs and the summary. Even create a template to come back to each time you write something new rather than staring at a blank page.

4. Eliminate Causes of Procrastination

The most important step is to get rid of ALL distractions around you. If you go off topic the cycle of writer’s block will start all over again and you’ll be back here an hour later. Procrastination is the most common cause of writer’s block so make sure you’re deep in the zone and you remain there until your piece is done.

These steps, unlike many others, will make you become proactive and can be used over and over again. No doubt I, myself, will use these steps over the course of today and many days to come. For more information and advice about content writing feel free to contact us and visit our blog for more self-help tips.

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