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5 Great Seasonal Infographics

17th December 2014 Graphic Design

Infographics are a great way to learn something as they keep the readers interest visually and usually contain some well researched information that you didn’t know before. Whilst getting some inspiration prior to designing Media Street’s new Christmas Infographic, I stumbled across these gems and thought I would share them with you:


The Big Fat Christmas Infographic

A nice take on the 12 Days of Christmas with some subtle animation:

12 Christmas Infographics (and 6 More)


Morrisons Favourite Christmas Foods Infographic:

Apparently for us here in the South West 45% of people think that bacon is the most important part of a Christmas meal! What do you think is the best bit?


Which Christmas Character are you? Infographic:

Apparently I’m Mrs Claus! Could’ve been worse though – are you the Grinch? Find out here:


Santa – The Most Dangerous Job In The World:

I like the Ozzy humour in this and it’s cleverly put together:


Evolution of Christmas Gifts: Gadgets and Toys:

Really nice design, layout and a trip down memory lane for this one:



Do you have an idea for an infographic but need some help creating it? Please contact me at Media Street on 01392 914033 (Barry) or [email protected]

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