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A Prenote to our Get To Know Your Customers Day Form

4th June 2019 Company

As a leading Exeter marketing, web design and web hosting company, we take pride in representing our current and prospective clients. We work hard to deliver on both short and long term campaign objectives, set out with careful consideration of individual targets, so that each client achieves greater visibility and industry position.   

In preparation for the next Get To Know Your Customers Day (GTKYCD), on July 18th, we would like to make all of our valued clients aware of our advanced plans.

Please note: Media Street ensures all answers will be kept strictly confidential and participants will remain anonymous throughout.

Access our Get To Know Your Customers Day form here.

Creating Fresh, Relevant and Successful Content

To achieve better website rankings from search engines, the frequent creation of relevant, original and engaging content is required. The monthly delegation of time to the creation of intriguing blog posts is just one way that our Content and Marketing executives can achieve greater success for our clients.

With the importance of unique content in mind, we would greatly appreciate your contribution to this celebration of GTKYCD, to ensure we have the most up to date and organic content possible.

What Will the Answers Be Used for?


Media Street and Client Representation

As well as forming content for us to distribute in line with GTKYCD, your answers in each section will also present us with the opportunity to better our representation of your organisation across all campaign aspects, from SEO through to paid advertising and social media. Gaining a greater understanding of your business will give us a better foundation for writing more alluring content for your website.

Which Topics Are Covered?



Media Street – Marketing and Web Design Exeter

We would really appreciate your participation in this detailed project, and look forward to presenting the findings while celebrating all of our valued clients. Please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team if you have any questions relating to the form.

Please note: We estimate that the form will take between 5-15 minutes to complete.

Media Street ensures all answers to these questions will be kept strictly confidential.

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