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A simple guide to creating perfect landing pages

1st September 2015 Web Design, Website Advice

Landing pages have two vitally important roles. Firstly, they introduce visitors to your business. Secondly, they act as gateways to the rest of your website. It is absolutely imperative, therefore, that your landing pages are well designed and user-friendly. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of simple web design tips that will help you build amazing landing pages!

1. Keep navigation focused

It’s important that viewers can reach every part of your website from your homepage and other central parts of your site. However, the same is not true for landing pages. Think of your homepage as a central hub that viewers use to reach multiple destinations. In contrast, a landing page should be more like a path that leads to a specific destination. Your viewers are likely to have found your landing page by searching for the particular product or service that it focuses on. So you should make sure that the page’s navigation leads them straight to the part of your site that deals with that product or service. It’s not advisable to give new viewers too many navigation options, as it makes it harder for them to find what they want, which may cause them to ‘bounce’ off your site.

2. Use video content

Video content is easier for people to absorb than large blocks of text, so it’s very effective at grabbing viewers’ attention and getting them to stay on a page. Because viewers stay on pages longer when viewing videos, this type of content gives you a great opportunity to pitch your business. Try greeting visitors to your landing page with a video that explains what your business does and why they should choose you over your competitors – but remember to provide useful, insightful information to your viewers and not be too ‘salesy’.

3. Reduce load-times

It’s important to remember that most of the viewers on your landing pages won’t have used your website before. It’s therefore absolutely vital to demonstrate to them that your site is reliable and convenient. A site that takes a long time to load is neither reliable nor convenient, so work hard to reduce your landing pages’ load-times.

Creating impeccable landing pages is an essential component of good web design. The tips we’ve listed here will help you ensure that your landing pages are of the highest quality. We wish you the best of luck crafting landing pages that web-users will find irresistible!

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