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Dot What?

23rd June 2011 Hosting

“Today’s decision will usher in a new Internet age.”

At least that was the verdict of Peter Thrush, chairman of ICANN’s board of directors, as ICANN approved a resolution to expand the number of generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs).

There are currently 22 gTLDs, the most well known being .com, .info, .net etc. but now, after Mondays vote, the possibilities are almost endless. Yes that’s right, you can now potentially have anything for your gTLD and in any language. For example instead of we could have media-street.onlinesolutions, media.street or even media-street. 网页 (chinese for website – rough translation). ICANNs’s board will be accepting applications for new gTLDs from 12th January 2012 but don’t get too exited just yet as getting one will not be cheap, it will cost $185,000 (about £115,000) to apply for a new gTDL suffix with an extra $25,000 (£15,000) per year in fees.

So get ready for the Internet revolution and start saving those pennies!

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