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Facebook Takes Strong Stance against Haiti Fraud

19th January 2010 Business, Company

As we all know the horrific Haiti disaster has been published highly recently asking for donations and even political figures such as Bill Clinton have been visiting the area trying to encourage support, dissolve the potential dangers and raise much needed funds. But is everyone focusing on that or making money?

Sadly Facebook last weekend was being used for, frankly, terrible crimes. Users across the popular social network have been setting up groups raising thousands of pounds, saying it’s going towards Haiti. But it hasn’t. Instead users were setting up the groups because money would be paid to the group owner, thus meaning a quick (immoral) buck could be made.

Over the weekend these groups were getting thousands of visitors each and Facebook noticed this. So were shutting them down as soon as they were starting. Still, however, users were manage to make money as hard as Facebook tried.

At the same time as this though, a vicious rumour emerged stating that Facebook was donating to the Haiti fund every time a user updated their status. So as a result people all around the world were updating their status on the site causing the Facebook User Status Service to be disabled.

Facebook is now tracking down the instigators of these groups and were quick to act. Something large companies usually aren’t. So, for that, we congratulate the on their good job.


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