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FTP Lock Feature

10th February 2010 Hosting

Customer service announcement: As of the 15th of February we’ll be increasing all our customers security by introducing an FTP lock feature to ALL hosting accounts.

Since 2009 there’s been a substantial increase of attacks to websites by viruses stealing FTP credentials from home and business computers and using these credentials to place viruses on companies and private individuals websites.

For more information on this virus please visit the Gumblar section on Wikipedia.

To reduce the threat of this virus and in an attempt of keeping our customers as safe as possible, at all times, we’re introducing a new feature to protect all of our customers’ whom have shared web hosting through Media Street Exeter. The solution is an FTP lock. This locks users websites when they’re not directly accessing their FTP account. If they do want to access the account then they can either unlock the FTP for a set amount of time or they can insert their computers IP address and permanently allow access to the FTP for that IP.

This security measure will ensure that a majority of sites hosted on our servers will be highly secure and inaccessible to hackers and potential threats. Greatly reducing the chance of your site being at risk from the Gumblar virus.

If you have any questions about this then please contact us. Media Street is constantly improving their online solutions and this just shows that fact. Only last month (January) did we update all our hosting accounts to be able to be accessed via the iPhone, now this month, we’re updating them to be even more secure!

These updates and precautions are for your safety. To have a look at the FTP lock feature just log into your Extend control panel and access the facility. It’ll be live from Monday the 15th of February, 2010.


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