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Hamley’s Domain Error Results in Downtime

25th November 2009 Hosting

Successful toy firm, Hamleys, suffered embarrassing downtime this year at the end of November after an administrative error that resulted in their website being offline for around 36hours. Whilst the Christmas lights were turning on and people were starting to shop for presents the owners of the website made an administrative error of a lifetime by not renewing their domain name. A representative for the company said “The domain name was not renewed. It was an extremely big oversight, and yes, the timing of it was very unfortunate.”

Although Hamleys acted fast on the error it still resulted in a drop of sales for a day and a half. A costly mistake! Not remembering to renew your domain name can put you in an embarrassing situation. Hamleys isn’t the first company to do it though, both GMTV and Emirates made the same mistake in 2008. So how do you prevent this from happening if you own a domain name? All Media Street customers get automatic emails informing them of when their hosting and domain accounts are up for renewal. To find out more visit our hosting area of our website.

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