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How To Change Virtuemart Product Order

28th May 2013 Company, Joomla

This morning I had an email from a customer enquiring how to reorder his products in Virtuemart – this is not the first customer to ask this question so I thought I would write a brief news story detailing the steps needing to be taken to achieve this.

For those who are unsure, Virtuemart is an open-source, free, Joomla Extension allowing for Ecommerce solutions to be easily implemented to your website.

Virtuemart Product Order Tutorial

1. Firstly, navigate to your Products within Virtuemart.

2. Next (if applicable), you need to choose the Product Category that you wish to reorder.

3. From here you can reorder your products in one of two ways. Either type in the desired order that you would like into the text box located under the “Reorder” column, or alternatively, use the arrows to the left of the text box to move products up or down.

4. Lastly (and most crucially), you must save your new order by clicking the Save Icon.

You have now successfully updated the order of your products!

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