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Join the Domain Name Revolution!

14th June 2014 Hosting

Fancy trading your website’s nondescript .com extension for an inspiring new domain name extension? From .guru to .technology, Media Street now has a huge range to offer!

There has been something of a transformation on the web in recent months. Before internet users had to trawl through websites with only a handful of predictable URL extensions of .com,, .co and a few others, but recently this has all changed.

Hundreds upon hundreds of new domain name extensions have been made available, each uniquely indicating the service the website offers. More extensions will become available over the coming months, so our collection is growing, and whatever extension you can imagine, we can get it for you!

Domain name extensions don’t have to be boring any more. Using one of these tailored domains will make your website stand out from the masses, allowing more people to find your pages and therefore use your services. On the web, people browse quickly, and want to know exactly what they’re getting from a website. This is why effective communication is key, and the first step in this is a direct domain name extension.

Reflect your company ethos and show your customers exactly what you can offer them before they even enter your site, whilst ensuring that they will enter your site with an interesting extension. These domain name extensions are the perfect way to build your original company identity.

At Media Street we have a large and growing selection of domain name extensions available for purchase:

.academy, .company, .education, .email, .glass, .guru, .interior, .photography, .repair, .solutions, .support, .systems, .technology, .tips, .today, .training …..

Are you a photographer looking for a way to distinguish yourself from the crowd of competitors whose sites usually read with a name, then the word photography followed by the generic Well, you could exchange for .photography, showing your audience exactly what your website is about, whilst creating a sense of proffessionalism and authority.

Perhaps you are a building service specialising in repairs and responsive work? A .repair domain name extension will show potential customers looking for your service that you are specialists in the field. Customers won’t have to look through pages of building companies looking to see if they offer a specific service and potentially go with a competitor if your domain name indicates that you are experts in repairs with a specific domain name extension. They’ll click on your site before any other with the right domain name extension.

This really is a brilliant way to catch customers and build an original company image in a very simple yet extremely effective way. A specific domain name extension exudes authority and expertise. Let’s face it, if you’re looking for the best interior designer, you’re going to click on the website with the .interior extension.

If you’ve got another domain extension in mind that isn’t featured above, don’t worry, we can still get you the exact name you want. There is an incredibly expansive catalogue of extensions at our fingertips, ready for your perusal. Just tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll find it!

Contact us now for advice in finding the perfect domain name extension to demonstrate your unique service to customers in an instant. We can advise you throughout the process and work together to make your website stand out.

Join the domain name extension revolution now and boost your website’s popularity beyond all expectations.

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