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Joomla Twitter Management

2nd April 2013 Company, Shop Updates

Media Street are pleased to announce the release of Media Tweet Lite. A Joomla component that is about to make managing your Twitter account that bit easier! In this article we’re going to discuss a couple of features contained within the component itself and how best to use it.

Managing Twitter

One of the many things that has become apparent in recent times is the need to integrate services and to streamline workloads. This is why the Media Tweet Joomla component has been created – to manage your Twitter account easily, on your Joomla website in a time efficient way. Here’s an overview of the features:

Schedule Tweets (demo image below): Schedule all your Tweets and Twitter updates in advance. We’re not all social media experts and it’s not always possible to update your Twitter account regularly. With the Media Tweet Lite component you can schedule unlimited Tweets in advance.

EXAMPLE: You could schedule the following months Tweets at the start of each month. Then each day the system would automatically send the relevant Twitter update (that you inputted at the start of the month) on your behalf.

View @ Twitter Mentions (demo image below): The Joomla extension highlights recent conversations where you’ve been mentioned. You can then reply to these messages easily by clicking the “Reply” button. This allows you to deal with enquiries quickly and get involved in conversations where people mention you (either directly or indirectly).

Save Custom Searches (demo image below): A great way to get enquiries through social networking sites like Twitter is to search for keywords and join in on conversations. With Media Tweet you have three search boxes, type your keywords in there and then Media Tweet will monitor Twitter for new mentions of your chosen keyword.

EXAMPLE: If you were a Balloon Ride company you could use the search box to monitor the word “balloon ride” then if someone spoke on Twitter saying something like “I want a balloon ride. Anyone know any good companies?” it would appear in the search results and you could quick reply to them.

The Twitter search functionality on Media Tweet Lite has two filter levels: Most Recent and Most Popular

View Twitter Profile Information: Quickly view Twitter User profiles via the Joomla component. On clicking on a username a pop-up opens showing you the users total number of followers, number of tweets, number of people they’re following and their profile description.

Integrated URL Shortening Service: Media Tweet Lite is fully integrated with a free URL shortening service (built by Media Street). Using Sum. Do you have the option to automatically shorten long URL’s, allowing you the ability of not wasting 140 characters on just a single website address!

Example: If you have Sum.Do enabled and tweeted a URL like it’d get automatically shortened, in your Tweet, to . Saving you over 70 characters.

Purchasing Media Tweet Lite : Twitter Management for Joomla

The Media Tweet Lite component is currently available via our online store and in the next 7 days we’ll be uploading the Media Tweet Agency component as well. The Media Tweet Agency Joomla component is ideal for freelancers, web designers and large or small social media & marketing agencies – it allows you the capability of managing multiple twitter accounts from within your Joomla website.

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