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Make Your Website Hacker Proof

5th July 2010 Hosting

Hacking is a common phenomenon that is increasingly posing threats on maintaining the secrecy and security of confidential data. There are numerous people who indulge in such immoral practices that need to be prevented to safeguard the information that is critical to many businesses.

Your personal computer needs to have an updated version of virus protection that can significantly make sure that your data doesn’t get corrupted thereby preventing any loss of crucial information. One of the most effective ways by which you can thwart the unscrupulous practices of hackers is through making the confidential information unavailable in your website which you may fear of being misused. Try avoiding the use of log in details on your personal computers that are primarily not adequately protected.

Instead, you should preferably do the log in process manually that can assure you increased protection of your website and the vital information thereof. The primary motive for which numerous hackers target your websites is because they want to create huge link farms. Such links are wrongly used to boost and improve the rankings of other websites that is certainly unacceptable and objectionable. If your site has been hacked, the first and foremost step would require you to switch off the FTP access. This is of utmost significance as immediately turning off the FTP access would certainly prevent the hackers from misusing and destroying your confidential and business sensitive information. Once you have switched off the FTP access, you should then instantly modify your log in details and carry an effective scanning of your personal computer in order to ensure the protection of your data.

There may be a possibility that hackers must have altered the data on your website, it is therefore extremely imperative to take adequate measures to track those changes and immediately rectify them. Many of you may start editing and making corrections manually which can take a considerable amount of time and effort. You may even lose track of all the changes made which heightens the risk of missing on the alterations that were made by the hackers. In order to avert such inconveniences, it is feasible to use the back-up version of the website thereby assuring proper restoration of the same. This restoration process is extremely useful which can be undertaken with great ease and convenience.

However, you must always have the latest and updated version of your site to ensure the desired results. Here at Media Street we’re proud to say that FTP Lock comes with all our hosting accounts as well as the option of one click backups of your whole hosting account. Contact Media Street Hosting today for more information or purchase online any of our hosting packages or domain names and receive instant activation and a world class service.

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