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Media Street Review of the Year

28th December 2011 Business, Company


Well, that’s nearly it for 2011 and it’s been another busy year for Media Street. We’ve built and launched a whole host of interesting websites this year for a variety of clients, including:

And we have another 3 websites ready for release in January!

We have also continued to work closely with Aerosaurus Balloons, AutoPot, Little Growers and Online Property UK, amongst others, on their online development and look forward to working with all our clients in the coming year.

Right, so that’s a little bit about what we’ve been up to but what about you? Here’s a selection of the most searched for terms and the most watched video in 2011.

Top 10 Google Searches (UK)
1. Facebook
2. YouTube
3. Hotmail
4. Ebay
5. Twitter
6. Google
7. BBC
8. Amazon
9. Argos
10. Yahoo
Top 10 “How to” Google Searches (UK)
1. How to revise
2. How to snog
3. How to reference
4. How to wallpaper
5. How to draw
6. How to sleep
7. How to flirt
8. How to geek
9. How to pronounce
10. How to shuffle
Top 10 “What is” Google Searches (UK)
1. What is AV
2. What is scampi
3. What are truffles
4. What are piles
5. What is 4d
6. What are cookies
7. What is copyright
8. What is zumba
9. What is icloud
10. What is probate
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