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Most Common Website Mistakes: Part 1

30th May 2014 Web Design, Website Advice

Welcome to Part 1 of my ongoing series on the “Most Common Website Mistakes” – where I’ll be detailing the errors we all make on a regular basis but never seem to learn from!

So, one of the most common mistakes I see when browsing the internet (and I’m sure you’ve all seen it too) is the wrong date appearing next to the copyright information within the footer of a site – often this is only one year out but can often be much, much more. This is fast becoming a pet hate of mine and something which I can’t help noticing (looking for) any more.

For those of you who can’t be bothered to check I’ve put the Media Street footer below, and as you can see we’re bang up to date!

Media Street Footer

Now, rather than name and shame any Media Street customers who may have fallen foul of this common error, I thought I’d take a look at the Top 20 websites in the UK as stated by Alexa. Surely, none of the UK’s biggest internet players have made such a schoolboy error……?

Well, all in all, I was shocked and surprised that only one did indeed have this error and perhaps the fact it was The Lad Bible (ranked at number 17) says it all – they don’t have the time to be worrying about these things.

I’m sure if I looked through the entire Top 100 there would be around 5-10% with the wrong footer date – but it would only annoy me if I did!

Let me know your pet internet hates below….

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