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Take the Stress Out Of Your Google AdWords Campaign

13th January 2013 Company

Google AdWords is widely considered to be the best form of online marketing available to your business. It is a pay-per-click service that enables targeted adverts to be run on Google within minutes of being set up. These adverts appear within the sponsored links section of Google’s search results and you only pay out for the advert when a search engine user clicks on your ad.

Media Street specialise in creating and managing Google AdWords campaigns. We understand that it’s impossible to find the time to manage the intricacies of your own Google AdWords campaign and this is why our professional team of online marketing experts work hard to optimise your campaign to ensure that you get the most from your advertising budget.

We work with you to decide on the keywords that determine when and where your adverts appear. These keywords will describe your business’ offerings, and your adverts will be displayed to your target audience not only on Google but on its partner sites too. When selecting relevant keyword phrases, we put ourselves in the shoes of your customer base, and determine the keywords they are most likely to enter into the search box.

One of the defining features of Google AdWords is that setting up a campaign does not cost much. While we charge a monthly “Management Fee” for our efforts, you will only be charged by Google when someone clicks on the link to your website. You will not have to pay for impressions (advert viewings) – you only pay for results. While you may be worried that your AdWords campaign could potentially cause a flurry of visitors to your website at a cost to you, we ensure that your budget is adhered to by putting strict parameters in place.

Our work does not end once your campaign is up and running. We continue to refine your keyword list so that you are able to get the edge over your closest competitors. We also track visitors, leads and sales back to your AdWords advertisements and provide you with our detailed results in a manner that is easy to understand. This will enable you to ensure that your advertising campaign always provides you with good value for money.

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