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Ten Ways a Graphic Designer can Transform your Business

10th October 2014 Graphic Design

When searching the web, we typically see all manner of design, from the simple to the complex, the subtle to the bold and everything in between. A great design will tap into the essence of the brand it is showcasing and reflect its unique qualities in the best possible light, whilst being visually engaging and standing out from the multitude of other images the web displays. With the online world being so heavily visual, it is essential that your business’ design is consistently effective, grabbing the attention of potential customers in every form they can use interact with your business. A potential client will always see how you display yourself before they see what you have to say for yourself as a company, so graphic design that packs a punch is absolutely integral.

Graphic designers can completely renovate the look of your business, enticing customers to view your products or services instantly. Here are ten ways graphic design can make your company’s visual impact lead to success…

1. Logo design

Your company logo is attached to everything that you do, both online and in the physical world. When customers think of your business, it will inevitably be a key part of what they imagine, too, so it has to be something special. The perfect logo will display everything your company is about in one image, forging your brand identity in an instance. We are all surrounded by logos every minute of each day, to the extent that they can often blend into the background. If you want your logo to stand out, an expert graphic designer can work with you to reflect your business’ vibrant identity in an original, eye-catching design that will draw customers in. As your business grows this logo will become, and remain, iconic.

2. Brochure Design

One of the essential places where your logo can be make or break is on a company brochure. Brochures and flyers have a reputation for being throw-away items, but who hasn’t kept a flyer that has looked so professional and displayed a particular product or service so powerfully that we have felt compelled to find out more?

If your brochure design is distinct and communicates why your company is brilliant one one piece of paper, the material nature of the flyer will ensure that the information displayed stays with the customer both physically and mentally, driving conversions in a significant way. A graphic design artist can display the brilliance of your business by setting out information in a beautiful visual manner to capture the imagination of customers whether they receive the flyer through the letterbox or whilst walking down the street.

3. Programme Design

Similarly, programmes and catalogues play a huge part in driving conversions for any company. You will want to display your services, attractions or products in the most attractive manner with direct information that will compel readers to become customers. With a great design, this is fully achievable and your programme of catalogue could seal the deal for customers throughout your market.

4. Business Card Design

Business cards are immensely popular ways of quickly showing potential customers what your business does and why they should be interested in it. Each and every company should have a business card that displays its brand values at their best and prompts the reader to want to know more. To communicate everything your company has to offer in such a small space, a graphic designer has to be innovative in their design, creating a card that will provide all of the information required in a clear and instantly engaging manner.

5. Posters

Posters are a form of marketing that stare the reader in the eye and have to tell them immediately why they should want to know more about what they are selling. Posters should inform, persuade and excite in just seconds. An original and aesthetically pleasing poster can be incredibly effective in attracting customers to your business, and our graphic designer can create a knockout design in only 48 hours.

6. Letter Head Design

Paperwork gains altogether more positive connotations when you have an impressively professional letterhead design to send off company information on. When clients, customers or partners receive written information from your business, they will respond considerably more positively if your letterhead design speaks authority, expertise and identity. A graphic designer will create designs that mirror your business’ aim and ethics as soon as the letter is opened.

7. Company Stationery

If you want your brand identity to extend to absolutely everything that you do, you will need a captivating set of company stationery. Whether is is pens and mugs for that all-important company meeting, t-shirts for your employees to wear with pride on their journey to work, or even playful miscellaneous items, great-looking company stationery will ingrain your logo and brand into the minds of everyone who sees the items throughout the day, making them trust your business and want to be a part of it.

8. Branding

When you’re bringing all of the ways your company can express itself to the public together, it;s all about great branding. For your business to be a success, a consistent and vibrant brand is a must. With this graphic design service, you will find your company will be transformed, reinvigorated with a new energy and drive. It will appear modern and accessible to all audiences and show exactly what you are proud about in your business in everything it does.

9. Infographics

These days, the big new thing in visual information is the infographic. This fresh and dynamic graphic design is a way of presenting information about, or associated with, your company in a way that will capture the imagination of potential customers, making them interested in what you do. Great-looking images, bold fonts and bright colours to reflect your brand make infographics a burst of captivating data that will establish your company as a trusted source of information in your sphere.

10. Digital Services

There are also a whole array of unique digital services that a graphic designer can provide to enhance the face of your business online. From illustrations and animations to give your website that extra bit of personality, to packaging design that will speak brand affinity to customers the moment they receive their product, there is nothing that is not achievable with an expert graphic designer.

These are just a few of the ways that a graphic design specialist is able to inject your business with a new lease of life in everything it produced. Customers take in vual information instantly, and the impact it makes lasts longer than anything else, associations between your brand and the way it visually displays itself being ingrained deep in the consumer psyche. So, for beautiful graphic designs that will completely transform your business, contact us today for a free expert consultation.

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