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What’s trending in web design?

18th September 2015 Graphic Design

When it comes to the web, appearances matter. Sure, it may seem a little hollow, but it’s a simple fact that a well-designed site will have a much bigger impact upon your visitors. It’s important to choose designs and graphics which have a specific impact – in most cases, you should be planning any promotional redesigns with plenty of time in advance.

What's trending in web design

When coming up with the best way to maximise the potential of your pages, it’s worth remembering that whilst the classics never go out of style, various trends do change on a yearly, bi-annually or even quarterly basis. Take inspiration from the subtle changes iconic logos have gone through over the years to gain an insight into this, and pay close attention to the following:

Choose your fonts wisely

Make strong statements with unique fonts, but make sure your content is legible. That funky font you like might draw attention, but it’s no good if your potential customers can’t read your message. All good designers will tell you that certain fonts come in and out of fashion, whilst others are mainstays – hello, Helvetica!

Go big, bold and bright with your images

Given the huge amount of royalty-free stock images now available online, your designer has no excuse for neglecting to add striking images to your site. That said, we’re not suggesting that you litter your pages with animated .gif files or anything – although the 90s are currently back in fashion clothing-wise, thankfully this hasn’t spilled over into web design, yet. A good designer should be able to meet a happy medium of images and content.

Take note of current design principles

Flat design became all the rage back in 2014, with tech heavyweights like Apple and Microsoft perpetuating the principles. Google has also jumped on board, so it should come as no surprise that semi-flat designs continue to increase in popularity.


It’s not inconceivable now to incorporate video into your site – perhaps a landing page with a quick animation explaining the services your company provides, or a demonstration of a current product on offer. Utilise mixed media in order to maximise your profits.

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