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Which Hosting Package Should you Choose?

21st October 2011 Hosting

Trying to find a web hosting package/option that is both cost effective for your company as well as feature rich can sometimes be a hard task. Especially in today’s modern world where there’s 100’s of possible configurations and set ups as well, when it comes to web hosting options.

As a result of this the good people of Media Street Web Hosting have released the below graph for customers to use so as to help them know which type of hosting option they need.

Using the above you can see that at Exeter Web Hosting we break down our hosting solutions into three categories for our customers:

This allows for all our customers to be suited regardless of their needs.

If it’s a small website and has a low service usage (eg. low use of web space, bandwidth, processing power, databases etc.) then we recommend any of our standard web hosting packages.

If it’s a large website or if you’re looking to own multiple websites – having a medium level of service usage then we recommend the customer to use a Virtual Server. Virtual Servers are a new technology and Exeter Web Hosting will be providing this service to customers from Mid November 2011 onwards.

If, however, you have a high level web service usage and need the most secure option then a Dedicated Server is the way forward for yourself. These would mean you could host multiple websites and store it all on one of our servers which would be dedicated to yourself. Allowing for top security and the ultimate level of management and personalisation to your server setup.

If you’d be interested in one of the above hosting options or purchasing a domain name then please don’t hesitate to purchase and set up your package online or alternatively you can always contact us on 01392 914033 or our contact page.

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