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Why a specialist web designer can see your business better than you can

21st July 2015 Graphic Design

Once upon a time, a local business meant local customers, and it was unlikely that your client base would reach much beyond the distribution area of the regional telephone directory. Now, a business is only as local as its web presence, especially if you are providing a service or product that can be delivered worldwide.

The temptation can be, especially for small businesses, to look after web design in-house and to save the accompanying costs. However, this is never going to be anything other than a false economy. You may think that you know your business better than a stranger, but that’s not necessarily the case – you can apply the same analogy as looking for lost property, where you tend to become blind to the fact that it’s on the table right in front of you.

A professional web design company will be able to look at your company with fresh eyes, and see what is unique about you. They will also have a greater understanding of the best deal for your company in terms of web hosting, search engine optimisation and, if you’re in the early stages of starting your business, domain names.

An external web design company won’t just bring their professional expertise to bear on what will work for you; they can also bring a customer-eye view to your product or service, and advise you on what your clients want to see. In addition to knowing who you are and what you do, your customers want clear, unfussy, and above all, accessible design so that they can find what they need quickly. If your competitors are providing these things and you aren’t, you’ve lost the sale.

Using a local web design company in Exeter might feel like you’re keeping things too close to home, but that local perspective will help to build you an effective internet presence by being able to see exactly what gives your business the potential for a wider customer reach. Some things really are worth the investment.

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