Our partners

Media Street Ltd partners with other companies, creating custom solutions their customers can use to access their services online. We make it easy for our clients to extend their services and make them accessible from any website, using easy-to-install plugins and components.

Our partners have used the technology we created to expand their client base by offering a simple method of integrating their systems into websites and popular content management systems like Joomla.


Our partnership with PayPoint began in 2009 when we created a payment processor for Virtuemart, one of the most popular online shopping carts. PayPoint customers now have a way to use their services with Joomla and Virtuemart, taking payments, and making it easy to sell online using PayPoint as their preferred payment gateway.

PayPoint is a UK based company offering a secure and reliable payment gateway for small, medium and large businesses. Fully PCIDSS compliant, PayPoint is trusted by companies like WHSmith and Firebox.com to process their online transactions.

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PayPoint.net have formed a strong partnership with Media Street Ltd. They're fast, reliable and offer positive solutions to their partners. We're pleased with the way they've enabled us to grow in the Virtuemart sector as well! David Evans - Partnership Manager, PayPoint.net

Working with Media Street has enabled our customers to process payments securely though Virtuemart, using PayPoint.net as their trusted low cost payment gateway. Prajay Patel - Technical Support Manager, PayPoint.net


Our SagePay plugin for Joomla provides a seamless integration for customers want to use SagePay for online transactions. Using SagePay with Joomla and Virtuemart, customers have a robust ecommerce solution, linked to the SagePay payment gateway, which in turn can also link to Sage accounting software.

SagePay processes transactions for more than 45,000 businesses through their PCI DSS compliant solutions, offering secure transactions with advanced anti-fraud screening. SagePay also links to Sage accounting software.

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Partner with us and discover how you can make it easier for your customers to do business using your services. We offer a comprehensive service including plugins, components, marketing and web design.

Take advantage of our experience and see how we can add value to your services. Media Street not only creates custom plugins and components, we also provide excellent customer service for any of your customers using our products.

If your customers have a quick and easy way to integrate your services into their website, you increase your chances attracting new customers, and keeping existing customers. Make it easy for new and existing customers to use your services. We can create that solution for you.

Contact us today to discuss how Media Street Ltd can create the ideal ecommerce solutions for you.