Media Street runs modern offices and working environments for it’s team using the latest technologies to ensure we stay as efficient and resilient as possible. The company believe’s in running satellite offices where as many fail safes are set up as possible – so our customers can rely on us at all times regardless of how bad the situation.


Our state of the art, secure, VOIP phone system allows us to manage and take calls from our clients anywhere in the world. Our system is robust, staff phone handsets can be plugged into any Internet connection and instantly connect them to our phone network and fixed landline phone numbers. Additionally our system can be accessed internally via Android and iPhone Apps.

In the unlikely event of our VOIP system going down we have the facility to divert calls to our a fixed landline in our Exeter office.


All our office machines are protected by industry leading anti-virus and firewall platforms. Scans run automatically and software updated daily with full logs recorded. Each staff member does a manual check and scan of their system every 14 days, whilst also analysing their latest logs.

Actual office data files, excluding hosting accounts, are backed up within 5 minutes of being updated and we also keep an additional, limited, number of previous revisions and revision times. Data that gets backed up is encrypted by end to end encryption and is sent encrypted over a 256bit secure socket layer.


Emails are sent over a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and are encrypted. We also employ a global 2-step verification (computer and mobile) system across all our email accounts. This means that before accessing webmail from a new location our staff must verify their identity on the website and via their mobile phone. When accessing emails via an email client they require a unique password for each device before accessing emails.


Offering marketing services and as a Google Partner we naturally have shared access to important and confidential customer data and reports on Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools and Google Adwords. As a result we employ a global 2-step verification (computer and mobile) system when accessing any platform via their Google Login.


Having satellite offices allows us to guarantee reliability when it comes to making sure someone’s always at the end of the phone. Both our Exeter and Bristol office is open Monday – Friday and can access our remote network placed, securely, in the cloud. Outside of working hours we offer a 24/7 hosting service and ask customers to email with details of the issue.


Media Street won’t, in any instance, store a customer’s card details in paper or a digital form. Once card details are provided we aim to process the payment immediately, if this isn’t done the relevant member of staff has up to 7 hours to process the payment. Once done they must erase the data (if stored on their local machine) or shred the paper with the card details on.

Media Street uses data centres, provided by Host Europe, at Leeds and Derby.


A close collaboration with IBM ensures your websites are hosted at state-of-the-art data centres with a 10Gb/s networks based on Cisco architecture with no single point of failure throughout.


All data centres are staffed 24×7, 365 days a year. Both internal and external CCTV cameras operate at all times and access to the servers is restricted to a few named system administrators only. Secure fobs are required to gain access.

All data is safeguarded behind a multi-layered firewall.


All data centres are rated A for energy efficiency, fully climate-controlled environments with highly effective cooling systems for the servers.


The data centres have advanced systems installed and are prepared for any situation. Hardware is protected from fire, floods and other potential disasters. Additionally VESDA smoke detection systems are installed and in the unlikely event of a fire the data centre is sealed and a FM200 Fire Suppression System fills it with gas, putting out the fire and causing no damage to the hardware.

Each rack is also connected to two power feeds, fed from two diverse connections to the national grid. If these fail a batter backup kicks in and after 3x N+1 diesel generators start providing power to the data centre.

The dedicated server network we use consists of multiple fall-back connections and components and therefore we’re pleased to sell dedicated servers with a
99.99% SLA.

System administrators work hard to ensure any network issues are fixed within 4 hours. If this isn’t the case you can claim credit equivalent to one day’s service every hour after the initial 4 hour period, up to a total of 30 days.

To claim credit, please email Hardware Guarantee In the unfortunate event of a hardware component failing it will be replaced at no cost to you. Once the hardware with the issue is found it’ll be replaced
within 2 hours of diagnosis.

Small Print

Our standard hosting terms and conditions apply and SLA’s do not cover:

  • Any event beyond the reasonable control of Media Street or its data centre system administrators. This includes virus attacks, failure of third party software, fire, flood and hacking
  • DNS issues outside of our control
  • Upgrades, scheduled maintenance or emergency maintenance
  • Customer actions that lead to technical issues. This includes custom scripting, custom installation of third party software or a misconduct or breach of our hosting terms and conditions.