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May 25th, 2011
Social Media

Have you ever thought about advertising on Facebook or Social Media Marketing? Well, perhaps, you should consider it. As users put in specific information about themselves, such as favourite food, TV programmes, music etc. it is an extremely effective way of targeting your ideal customers.

For instance if a business is selling tickets to a heavy metal gig in Devon then marketing it in the local paper might be a good start but you are unlikely to reach the majority of your target audience, equally you may place an advert in a specialist nationwide magazine but people in Scotland are unlikely to travel down to Devon for one gig. However with Facebook Advertising you can target all the people in Devon who like heavy metal meaning nearly all of your target market will be reached.

If you are somewhat daunted by the prospect of advertising on Facebook then fear not, Media Street can set up and monitor all aspects of your Facebook Advertising Campaign making sure that every penny you spend is worthwhile. Call us today on 01392 914033 for more information.

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Charlie Street

An entrepreneur at heart, Charlie is the original founder of Media Street and based at the core of everything it does.

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