‘Oops’, We’ve Made A Boring Advert

September 29th, 2017
Kieron Passaway

Traditional Advertising An advert’s sole purpose is to sell products, there’s not much around that. Years ago, this purpose came across unambiguously; an advert would essentially be ‘hey, look at our product. Please buy our product. Our product’s better than their shoddy product! Buy it. Please. I’ve got a family’. But now, in an age […]

what to post on social media

What To Post On Social Media As A Business

August 14th, 2017
Bethany Doherty
Marketing, Social Media

I’m often asked by our clients what makes engaging social media content. Many may find themselves staring blankly at Twitter wondering where to begin. Whatever your business, social media posting is an important way of connecting with new and existing customers. Likes, comments, retweets and shares all help to drive business to your site, to […]

media street internships

Internships and Work Experience at Media Street

April 19th, 2017
Bethany Doherty
Company News, Marketing

Here at Media Street, we are passionate about providing bright and driven young people with invaluable work experience opportunities. Our internships offer students and graduates the chance to apply their scholastic skills and achievements to real-world working environments. Current trends show that marketing is an increasingly saturated and competitive industry. As a constantly fluctuating and […]

why are people leaving your website

Why are people leaving your website in 2017?

February 7th, 2017
Bethany Doherty
Marketing, Web & Graphic Design

Enticing people to your website is like inviting them to a party; if it’s dull, they’re going to leave. The aim is to get people to land on your website, then encourage them to want to stay. You’ve written compelling web copy, you’ve added the right links, optimised every page and wowed your potential customer […]

ow to create the perfect ebay listing

Your eBay Guide: Creating The Perfect Listing

November 18th, 2016
Bethany Doherty
Marketing, Website Advice

Whether you’re keen to get your eBay shop up and running or form the perfect listing, as design and marketing consultants, we’ve had a number of clients asking us eBay related questions, we’re always happy to help, so we’ve created this handy resource. Remember, there are certain factors to always keep in mind.. A title […]

Out of this world: is space the new place for advertising?

August 10th, 2016
Sian Yates

Space advertising and marketing has become a popular topic of conversation in recent years, given the recent advent of commercial space travel – as introduced by big-brand initiators such as Richard Branson, Elon Musk and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. The prospect of large-scale space travel is on the verge of commercial viability, and this has […]

Infographic Elements

Benefits Of Using Infographics for Business

April 7th, 2016
Bethany Doherty
Content Marketing, Marketing

For many, keeping an effective content marketing strategy going can be tough, so what can you do to keep it alive and rocking strong? You are probably already creating some good content, in the form of articles, resources, videos, reviews and other forms and are probably resonating to some degree with your audience. Great! However, […]

google my business

What Is Local SEO & How To Own It

March 9th, 2016
Bethany Doherty
Local SEO, Marketing, Search Engine (SEO), SEO

Local SEO is the process of optimising your website for local results in search engines. Your website visibility will depend on the search of users and their specific location matched with your business details and website link. Why is local SEO so important? It’s important that you’re always appearing in the search engine for particular […]

Business Blog

5 Business Blogging Tips to Help You Get Started

February 15th, 2016
Colin Harrison
Analytics, Marketing

Starting a business blog is a very cost effective way to market your business online. It also allows you to connect and engage with your customers (either existing or potential), which in turn can lead to future sales and increased customer loyalty too. If your business is new to the world of blogging, here are […]

The Importance of Brand Awareness

The Importance of Brand Awareness

February 11th, 2016

One of the most important factors for any business, especially those in the startup phase, is creating good brand awareness. In today’s overcrowded marketplace it can be all too easy for businesses to go unnoticed, and one of the most effective ways to rise above the competition is to establish a clear brand recognition within […]