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5 Reasons to Choose a local, Exeter, SEO Company

23rd July 2014 Marketing, Search Engine (SEO)

The work of a great marketing team can completely transform your business’ success rates. Exeter marketing and search engine optimisation experts have the tools and knowledge to make your website function at its best, optimise your online presence, boost rankings and draw more customers in to connect with your company. Here are 5 reasons to choose a local Exeter SEO company to enhance your business and make it stand out today.

1. Expert knowledge and strategy in marketing Exeter

Our marketing specialists on SEO in Exeter are experts in their field, with qualifications and many years of experience. Media Street provide SEO services for a huge range of clients, whether they are local builders, dental practices or international luxury accommodation brands. With our unique combination of knowledge, insight and strategy, we can make your website get results you had never thought possible.

The SEO approach we take involves initially researching into your market to determine who your potential customers are, where they are, what they’re looking for and what competition you face online. We then review your website to address areas of strength and weakness, before optimising it for both search engines and future customers.

Our next step is to decide with you on a selection of key terms to focus on that we will make your website rank for online. Then, we begin working on inbound link building from other areas of the web and creating compelling content writing to distribute across the internet leading back to your site. The SEO package we provide can also include social media campaigns to build a connection with your audience and demonstrate the amazing products and services you provide, and onsite content writing to establish your website as the go-to place for those looking to find out about your area.

Media Street’s experience and expertise in search engine optimisation Exeter is unrivalled, and we can guarantee that with us you will feel confident that your website will soon begin performing to a standard beyond what you could have anticipated.

2. Accessibility and easy access

It’s important to us that not only our services, but also ourselves, are easily accessible to our clients. By choosing an Exeter SEO company you will find it very straightforward to communicate your needs, enquiries and feedback at any time to ensure that your campaign runs smoothly and to your requirements at all times.

With Media Street, you will be assigned an account manager as soon as you choose to work with us so that we can fully understand your business needs and create a plan to fit them perfectly. You will work closely with a dedicated Exeter search engine optimisation expert throughout your campaign, who will be happy to meet you in person, with Skype calls, by phone, email and monthly consultations.

Having an SEO Exeter specialist so close at hand will be invaluable for your business, so that you can keep up to date with what we are working on and let us know your thoughts with ease.

3. We know your market

We’re coming up to our 5th anniversary as a leading Exeter SEO company. Having begun and developed Media Street in Exeter, we have a great deal of knowledge of what it’s like to start up and grow a business in the area. We know the market, how it’s changed, and are at the forefront of the current marketing and SEO developments.

Now that Google Places and GPS mapping services on mobile devices are developing and growing more popular each day, using a local marketing company who knows everything about your target market, competition and area is essential. Google + also works partially on a geographically-located basis, so people searching for services online will be able to find your company more easily if it is optimised for the local market. Local citations are also produced based on your online rankings, so if you want your business to be the first choice for potential customers searching online, great SEO geared to your local area is essential.

Choosing an SEO company based in Exeter means that we can tailor your campaign to fit the unique local market you are targeting. Of course, we can also create plans for international businesses with markets overseas, as we have done successfully for a number of worldwide companies.

You’ve chosen to base your company in Exeter because you recognise its huge potential as a hub of culture, trade and business. We also feel passionately that the local area is prosperous for a number of companies and organisations, so we are able to put everything we know about Exeter from a lifetime living here and half a decade based here as a company, into your campaign to make it a huge success both locally and further afield.

4. Daily campaign reviews for long-term growth

We believe that to ensure that your company develops and maintains a position at the top of your market in Exeter, daily campaign reviews are a must. Our campaigns involve selecting keywords to target, then connecting this with approaches covering social media to reach out to your audience, Google analytics to track use of your website by customers, Google Adwords to see how keywords perform and Google Webmaster Tools to examine how your website is visible on Google daily.

Each day we will run an SEO campaign review to ascertain where your website is ranking for your chosen key terms and how your site is performing for customers. This allows us to keep tabs of how the changes we make to your site are affecting its rankings, along with outside causes. If we can do this we can shape our campaign to its best.

This also enables us to keep you regularly updated on how your company is performing online. With this knowledge, you can make sure that your company offers the services your market is searching for online. Daily reporting is essential for SEO as it allows us to accurately monitor the impact of our marketing strategy, along with comparing your site’s performance to competitors to ensure you remain at the top of your game every day.

5. Increase domain authority, rankings and customers!

By optimising your website for both search engines and potential customers, increasing inbound links and creating engaging content, we can completely revamp your business online. You will see your site’s domain authority increase, as well as watching it climb up the rankings for your chosen key terms across all search engines. This ultimately leads to more prospective customers visiting your sites, and those visits becoming conversions.

So far, we’ve created extremely beneficial campaigns and SEO plans for businesses from local cleaning companies to international chalet providers and everything in between. We are all about sustained growth at Media Street – we want to see your business grow not only more quickly than you had expected but also continuously. With our unique approach this is guaranteed. If you’d like to find out what our clients have said about our services and how it has helped develop their business, please feel free to take a look at the testimonials on our home page.

To see your business become noticeably more successful in only a matter of months, and then continue to grow steadily into the future, contact Media Street SEO Exeter for a free consultation today. With our services you will see your company climb up search engine rankings, enquiries increase exponentially and convert to sales. However you envisage your company growing, our marketing specialists are ready and waiting to find out your business goals and make them a reality.

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