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5 Ways to Source Inbound Links

7th April 2010 Marketing, Search Engine (SEO)

To improve your search engine rankings and search engine optimisation (SEO) you need inbound links to your website from other websites. Building inbound links is a lengthily task that takes time and can cost a lot of money, however the benefits pay off.

If you’re currently trying to get inbound links, and want 5 easy ways to source new links, then below we’ve listed 5 ways that we recommend to increase the search engine rankings of your website as well as your Google page rank by obtaining inbound links.


Create a company / band/ organisation page on Facebook. Not only are they easy to create but the search engines love them, you can have a link to your website on it and also it’s an extremely cost effective method of online marketing.

Social / Community Sites

Google, Squidoo and Yahoo all have question and answer websites. If you’re an expert in your field and offer services relating to it then why not go through forums and question and answer websites and communicate with people needing help and then place a link to your website at the bottom of it. The content on that page is relevant to your company as well, this will increase its quality score.

Post an Advertisement on Craigs List

Craigs List is constantly being crawled by Google Bots and although it can be a challenge to place a web links on the site it can be done.

Get on Wikipedia

Although the Wikipedia site itself lists all outbound links to other websites as “NoFollow” they still are a great way to increase your traffic and get your brand to a larger audience. Although this link may not be beneficial in SEO terms, you never know, someone might just visit your website and link to it as a result.

Comment on Blogs and News Websites

Most websites now a days allow readers to comment on articles which then are displayed on the website. To leave a comment you are asked to enter a name, website address, email and message. Go around the internet leaving comments always making sure you place your website address in the relevant field. Although these links can be of a low quality they still count as a link.

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