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Complete the Search for Results with SEO Devon

11th August 2014 Marketing, Search Engine (SEO)

If you’re looking to create a real online name for your business, increasing traffic to your company’s site by making it a web address people will want to stop by, you need an expert marketing team on your side. If you’re looking for real results for your Devon-based corporation, search engine optimisation is how you will find them. Professional Devon SEO marketers can use their specialist devices and skills in the digital marketing sphere to ensure that your company’s expertise, ethos and impressive services are communicated in their full brilliance across the web – and that future customers will find you.

Media Street’s dedicated SEO team offer unrivalled online marketing services in the South West, completely transforming the success rates of businesses in a multitude of areas such as Plymouth, Exeter, Barnstaple, Bideford, Okehampton, Torrington, Crediton, Tiverton and many more.

How your tailored Devon SEO plan works

At Media Street we have a tried-and-tested plan for making your business shine online, the intricate details of which we tailor individually to each company we work with. The simple basis of search engine optimisation is making your website and online content respond to the requirements set out by search engines so that your company displays strongly when potential customers search for the type of services you offer. We ensure this with a number of specialist techniques that we have refined to ensure their complete success with a range of companies.

First, we will research your online market and competition to ascertain exactly who your client base are and what they are most likely to be looking for, so that we can work out how to steer them towards your site. After we have determined this information, we will review your company website to find areas of strength and weakness in both design, SEO and content. Our team of marketers will make alterations to any areas of weakness to strengthen your site so that it is optimised for all search engines, as well as visitors. Following this, we will examine the web with tools such as Google Adwords and Google Analytics to inform a discussion with you on which key search terms you would like to rank for, before setting up a campaign based on these keywords. From here your business is ready to flourish.

However, we don’t stop there, our team will perform daily campaign reviews to find out how the changes we will continue to make during your time with us are impacting on your online performance. We can even include services to enhance your climb up the internet ranks such as content writing, which will draw in customers online by establishing your website as an authority for information in your field, as well as social media campaigns, which allow you to reach out to your audience and engage with them so that they will view your website, build brand affinity and invest in your goods or services.

Why to look to Devon with your SEO

Exeter is quickly becoming a hub of marketing, a movement that we are at the forefront of, working with clients from across the UK and even the world. We know what it’s like to build a business in Devon, because that’s exactly where we’re based, but we also have many years of experience in branching out to spread our services across the globe. Whether it is a local cleaning company in Exeter or one of the world’s leading security equipment sellers, we have moulded our SEO strategy to perfectly fit businesses of all sizes.

The secret to the success of Devon search engine optimisation is that we understand your market. Having worked and lived in Devon for much of their lives, our team know the area and the details of its consumers well. We can help you to target your specific local market as well as a wider international customer base effectively. With the advent of Google Places and GPS mapping services on both web and mobile devices, it is key to work with a marketing company who knows everything about your customers, competition and area. Google + also works partially on a geographically-located basis, so people looking online for the services you offer will be able to find you easily if your website is optimised for the local market. Local citations are now also based on your online rankings, so if you want your business to be the first choice for online consumers, area-specific expert SEO is a must.

Hiring a Devon SEO company also makes keeping track of your online progress significantly more straightforward for you. With a local marketing team you will have complete ease of access to the information you need at all times. At Media Street we offer regular Skype meetings, phone calls, face to face meetings and monthly consultations to ensure that you are always aware of exactly what we are doing to improve your online presence. Whenever you need us – whether it is a simple query or a big job – we are only a phone call, email, or skype call away and so any issues can be solved in minutes.

How Search Engine Optimisation sees results

So, what results will you see with the work of our Devon SEO experts? Well, you will immediately find that more people are viewing your sites and your website is gradually ascending the search engine rankings for your chosen key terms. We focus on prolonged growth every day, and with an optimised website, content distributed on both your blog and other sites across the web with inbound links, leading traffic back to your site, and a successful social media program, you will find that your online success will thrive in a number of ways. Not only will you climb the rankings and gain more traffic, but your website’s domain authority will increase and you will see a steady increase in conversions, creating success all round – all through specialist SEO.

Devon businesses are becoming stronger year on year, and now more than ever is the time to ensure that your company stands out locally and across the web. If you would like to find out more about how search engine optimisation in Devon can make your business thrive, please feel free to contact our expert team today and begin your journey up the rankings!

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