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Does your web content talk at or with your visitors?

31st July 2015 Marketing, Search Engine (SEO)

If you think back to your days as a student, in school or beyond, you’ll quickly remember those teachers and lecturers who talked at you – but probably won’t remember much of what they had to say. Equally, you’ll also remember the ones who involved you – and will probably be thinking of occasions when this happened and what you learnt from it.

Does your web content talk at or with your visitors?

It’s a similar thing with web content. You can have a stunning and accessible website design – and we’re happy to help with that – but if what you say doesn’t quickly grab the visitor’s attention and interest, then little success will follow. Equally, your content can be thoroughly optimised for SEO – and that’s important – but again fail to capture the hearts and minds of your potential audience.

There are many ways to involve an audience online, and most of them are little different from those you would use face-to-face with a potential customer. You would ask them questions in person, and you can do the same in your web content. You would answer their queries in real-life. Anticipate what they might be, and you can achieve the same results online.

You’d want to know the key reasons why they might want to make use of your products and services and then display how you can meet their needs. You’d appreciate the problems they might have to solve, and then show how you are the solution that they are seeking. You’d appreciate the key benefits they would wish to gain from their purchase and show how these events would happen.

With a deal of thought and care, all of the above can be achieved in your web content. Then, in a face-to-face situation, you’d guide them through the buying process, answer any of their worries, and give them the confidence to go ahead. This is a process that works as efficiently online as elsewhere.

Through all of the above you are holding an online conversation with your visitors, even if this is conducted in their mind. Fail to do so, and these potential customers will often become annoyed or disinterested. The most likely outcome then is that they simply leave your site and search elsewhere!

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