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Google Showing Breadcrumb Navigation

2nd February 2010 Marketing, Search Engine (SEO)

As a company that makes a living of Search Engine Optimisation and studies the search engines we’ve noticed something interesting recently.

Along with webmasters, Google have been mentioning the importance of breadcrumbs on websites for a while now. The logic being that it helps people to get to areas, of a site, quicker and navigate around websites with ease, in a logical order. It also benefits search engines by showing them a hierarchy of pages.

An example of this can be found below, you can easily see that ‘Homepage’ is at the top of the pecking order, followed by the shop, then the category and then the product. In a basic sense, it’s working kind of like a Sitemap.xml file, which also aids search engines when producing results.

Homepage >> Shop >> Category >> Product

So what’s the importance of breadcrumbs then? What is Google doing to companies that have good breadcrumb trails and order their pages successfully? The answer… they’re giving them a breadcrumb trail in the search results.

The benefit of this is it enables customers to find areas of your site and gives them more options then just the one single page being listed. Already a number of our customers are benefiting from Google displaying their website with breadcrumbs. Below is an example of one of our site’s search results that are now displayed.

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