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How Link Building Can Increase SEO Efforts

20th October 2020 Content Marketing

Link building is an integral part of any SEO strategy, regardless of your industry or business size. High quality links shouldn’t be overlooked when building your local and global link campaign, which can allow you to thrive in competitive search space.

If you aren’t familiar with link building or are just starting out your SEO efforts for your website, then let us break down what link building is, as well as what is isn’t. Link building can be defined as “acquiring backlinks to increase the trustworthiness of your website.” And it is worth noting at this stage that it is not a quick tactic to get your website ranking highly on search engines. Link building takes time, and even professional SEO’s find that it is often the hardest part of the job, but once cracked, it can boost your website tenfold.

Off-site and On-site link building

There are two types of link building, just like SEO in general, and this is ‘on-site’ and ‘off-site’ link building. On-site link building requires hyperlinking to other pages on your website for Google to understand individual pages, discover new web pages and navigate through the website more efficiently when crawling. This should be part of every SEO strategy and should be the first port of call if you have a new website which needs optimising.

On the other hand, you have off-site link building, which again is essential for every marketer or business owner. This can be done through the following:

Off-site link building is fantastic for building relationships with bloggers, businesses and other websites within your industry. Moreover, it’s a great way to get your bran ‘out there’ and into other social/professional spheres which you may have not thought possible. For example, if you publish a high-end, informative piece about a relevant topic in your industry at the moment in time, you have a good chance of becoming known as an expert in your field, especially if you reach out to those people who you have built relationships with and are willing to share the content on their sites too.

For more information about link building and how we can help your business, contact our team today who will be happy to discuss your proposed project.

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