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How social media can increase your sales figures

4th August 2015 Marketing, Social Media

In internet marketing circles, the 21st century has been all about social media and an increasing number of businesses have taken to the variety of channels available to communicate with customers and, ultimately, increase leads and sales.

How social media can increase your sales figures

In only a few years we’ve moved from the position where businesses who fully utilised the relevant social channels set themselves apart from the competition, to where some form of social interaction is the norm. It is indeed expected by an ever-demanding customer base, who enjoy a wide variety of places to take their business – meaning that beating off the competition is crucial and a good internet marketing strategy offers a great way to achieve this.


Often the social media channel of choice for businesses, the ability to ‘follow’, interact with and engage with anyone easily provides an opportunity to quickly build up a successful profile which engages with customers, industry leaders and also potentially members of the media. This could help push messages wider in more traditional media, and provides a strong base for an overall content marketing campaign.


Becoming part of many peoples’ everyday lives, securing a good community on a business page can provide a fantastic avenue for creating sales leads – with the community hub elements of Facebook providing a great platform for delivering a return on a relatively low investment.


Many people, especially the younger generation, have been diversifying onto specific social media platforms for different functions. One example of this is Snapchat, which allows users to send picture messages which only remain viewable for a certain amount of time – 10 seconds when sent direct and 24 hours when placed on a ‘story’. This highly engaging way of sharing pictures provides a new method to talk to customers, and, like Instagram, allows a business to shout about their business and particularly products in a bright and interesting way.

If you’ve felt your social media spark ignited by reading this, then don’t hesitate to get in contact with the Media Street team, who will be more than happy to talk through specifics and how social media could help your business thrive.

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