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Is your Website Fast Enough?

1st February 2010 Web Design, Website Advice

Web site speed is becoming a major issue now a days, with Google now taking web speed into account with its search algorithm. Now though, the 2009 Christmas results are slowly being released and we see some interesting results and trends forming.

As present the average American is spending $1,050 a year on the Internet, shopping. Now here’s the interesting bit.

  • A third of online shoppers had a bad experience during the online Christmas shop of 2009. 15% of these people found the issue “unacceptable”.
  • A bad online experience results in nearly one in five purchasers shopping at a different site.
  • In general, 41 percent of online shoppers tolerate one or two problems on a website before the leave and go elsewhere.

So what does this all mean? In short, your website needs to be faultless. If your site provides information, it’s obviously not an issue. However if your actually selling over the Internet and taking money then you need to guarantee that 100% of the time your site has no errors, missing links or faults. Otherwise this will result in a significant loss of potential business.

So how fast and faultless if your site then? Why not get a website review from Media Street and let us investigate the issue.

These statistics were published by Gomez and the survey was conducted among 1,500 online consumers who bought a product in the past 9 months.

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