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Speed Matters to Google

3rd January 2010 Marketing, Search Engine (SEO)

In 2010, the search engine Google are said to be focusing on web page loading speeds to determine the rankings of websites. In conjunction with the announcement they’ve added a web speed tool to their free service named ‘webmaster tools’.

This tool enables you to see your web site’s performance in terms of speed. Displaying your past and present loading speeds in an easy to understand graph as well as displaying page loading speeds.

The faster you can load your page the better so people working on improving their site’s speed should be looking at using tools such as free website speed check tool. This will tell you how long your page takes to load. Once you know your page loading speed try and reduce it by going through your web page and deleting unneeded code, than check your CSS and try and minimise that and once that’s done look at the images. Images don’t need to be high quality and don’t just compact images on the pages. Make sure that the actual file of the image is the same as is displayed on the site. Normally this enables you to take of a couple Kb’s for every image.

Once that’s done check your web site speed again. It should load quicker now and your site is optimised in terms of speed. Essential for effective SEO.

If you’ve prefer a professional review of your site, including page speed, then contact us about our website review and health check service.

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