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Landing page mind games

10th September 2015 Marketing

With so much information on the internet now, getting noticed, and turning that attention into business, is getting harder and harder. Search engines are constantly evolving in the way that they can rapidly ascertain the context and relevance of keywords. Your SEO needs to be finely tuned to ensure that you get the right people to your front door. But, getting them there is only half of the job. Now you need to keep them interested and convince them that you can offer them what they seek. This is where mind games come into play. Now this may sound manipulative, but as long as you can deliver the goods, it’s just sound business.

Landing page mind games

Here’s how to employ psychology to your advantage in terms of landing page content:


Humans know what they like, and they can be extremely ruthless at chasing it. They need rewards, and they need to know that they’re avoiding pain. Tell the potential client exactly what they want to hear as soon as possible. Once they know what they stand to gain, tell them what they stand to lose by not using your service. Tell the truth, but use powerful language.


Plant some urgency in their minds. Why should they buy or inquire right now? Is there an offer that they need to take advantage of? If there isn’t, make one!


What can you offer the potential customer today? What makes your product more exclusive than your rival’s? People like to feel special; pampered if you will. Appeal to this side of human nature. On the flip side of this phenomenon, people hate thinking that they’ve missed the boat on something. Humans are pack hunters. Do you have the next big thing?


In this capitalist culture, money literally makes the world go round. Many people will deny that they are money orientated, but, when the chips are down, they show their true colours. Throw some big figures out there. How much could they save by using you? What could they do with that spare cash? Pull at their heart strings, make their pockets feel heavy.

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