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Launching and Marketing a New Website

13th July 2010 Marketing

Owning a website is not enough. Webmasters need to take adequate measures to market their websites by using modern promotional techniques and tactics that can lure viewers which, in turn, ensure increased visibility and web traffic.

Here are some essential tips for marketing a new website:

Article Submission

One of the most effective ways of promoting a new website is through directory submissions that can prove to be quite favourable in achieving the desired result.

It’s the perfect way to improve rankings for a website which is of utmost significance for increasing web traffic. People should preferably make use of bulk submission services that ensure speed and accuracy in the process however extreme caution must be taken to ensure that the links being obtained are ‘safe’ and favoured by search engines like Google.

Quality content should also be incorporated into articles as well and in an article you must have an appropriate usage level of keywords, try 6 – 9% for your main phrase, this is crucial when working on search engine optimisation and online marketing / promotion. Another benefit includes increasing your websites visibility and brand.

Post Videos on YouTube

YouTube is a convenient way of making people aware about your website and the contents thereof. Website developers can post their videos featuring the specific information they wish to put across which in turn enables them to attract free traffic from YouTube to their site.

Such videos are usually short an to the point, a high use of relevant keywords is also important, make sure you also name the video correctly. After all, you need a catchy title to gain that vital view!

If online marketing such as YouTube isn’t possible or appropriate than try Twitter (see below) or Facebook.


Twitter is the latest buzz that is increasingly being used as one of the most successful marketing tools out there. All the latest updates and events can be posted in the form of blogs and articles in order to engage your crowd and make them aware of relevant and new information regarding your website. Twitter is a modern age advertising technique that is well received by a large number of people especially in the IT, Web Design and Blogging Industry.

Google Search Engine

A website can have a wide reach and attract a massive audience through its presence in a specific search engine: namely Google.

The websites should be SEO friendly in order to get enlisted into Google’s index and you should make sure a XML sitemap is created to make Google’s life easier.

Website marketing involves a considerable amount of strategic planning owing to the intense and fierce global competition for increased internet visibility.

If you’re starting a new site out, why not use some of your features in the Exeter Web Hosting control panel such as our Search Engine Submission program and sitemap generator. Read more about our web hosting packages.

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